How does bioaugmentation help to clean up contaminated environments?

  Bio augmentation is a bioremediation technique that involves the addition of beneficial microorganisms to contaminated environments to enhance the degradation of pollutants. This technique has gained popularity in recent years as a sustainable and cost-effective solution for environmental cleanup. The concept of bio augmentation is based on the principle that certain microorganisms are naturally capable of degrading specific pollutants. However, in many contaminated environments, the populations of these microorganisms may be too low to efficiently degrade the pollutants. In such cases, bio augmentation can be used to introduce a higher concentration of these beneficial microorganisms, thus accelerating the degradation process. Bio augmentation can be performed in various ways, including the addition of microorganisms in the form of a liquid or powder, or through the use of a bioreactor. The success of bioaugmentation depends on various factors, including the selection of approp